At the heart of the SPF Connect project is a touchscreen desktop computer which recipients receive free of charge. Running SeeYouLink’sTM Touch & ConnectTM software, the computers are designed especially for older adults new to computing, including those with low vision or mild dementia.

Touch & ConnectTM replaces the traditional Windows user interface with something far more simple and intuitive. Big, clearly visible boxes allow members to choose from options such as video calling, email, news and web browsing.

We supply the computer with a large, high-visibility keyboard (optional), installation and training, an internet connection and technical support. It’s all provided free of charge until the end of May 2020.

The SeeYouLinkTM environment is critical to Natpoint’s delivery of the SPF Connect project and its continued support. IT issues are minimised because users operate a simplified environment. The SeeYouLinkTM management console enables Natpoint to message all users and allows content changes to be made quickly and efficiently.